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New 808 Skate Original Decks

Our all new Hula HI Life boards available in-store now in sizes 7.75, 8, 8.25, & 8.5

A Day in the Park with Jahmia Robinson

Afterschool skate session at Keolu and Kailua Rec skate parks with Jahmia Robinson and homies Kevin Oshea and Brock Kono. Jahmia takes new angles to Keolu obstacles, while Brock and Kevin battle for employee skater of the month at 808 Skate! We lose Kevin to a doctors appointment when we hit the transitionless Rec park, Brock and Jahmia make due with what it is,Enjoy!

Crushing Kailua Parks Trailer

Crushing Kailua Parks with the young bucks Jahmia Robinson,Brock Kono, and Kevin Oshea.Bedpan follows Kailua rippers from tranny fillled Keolu to the slippery and flat rec center by night! Everyone home in time to do there homework, brush teeth, and go night night!

How Far The Ideal From The Real

How Far The Ideal From The Real is a Sean Reilly skate film dedicated to his friend Bernardo Bernard. Some rare Nardo and friends footage.

How Far The Ideal From The Real (Trailer)

Shitty Kids and 808 Skate present How Far The Ideal From The Real, a tribute to the life and memory of Bernardo A. Bernard. Full length video will be online here at 808skate.com!

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