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 EIGHT08 LATELY Episode 13

In this episode we start out with the young bucks of the 808 Skate crew on their home turf of Kailua, then shoot over to Pearl City for some ledge dancing! Get slippy and slappy with Mikey and the SK crew in the shaded Makiki Skate park n parking lot. Always fun to wind down at the red brick Diamond park with the Treevisions boyz and finally finish off the summer weeks with a K park Sunday night sesh, where you can always get a healthy dose of flatground games of skate, and if your lucky a random fun box or flat bar!

Trailer for EIGHT08LATELY Episode 13

Its been a hot and humid summer, making for some sticky street skating situations as of late. here is a quick glance of whats to come in EIGHTLATELY 13,coming July 28th! Til then get outside and skate! Sunscreen, lots of water, and shade recommended.

New Stickers Available

Complete that Summer Vibe with the new 808 Skate stickers, now in the shop.

SK best of IG..Episode 1: Bedpan and the Kids

With the recent downgrade from the iphone 8 to a flip phone, owner and team therapist of ShittyKids, Shane Riley aka Bedpan has gone a little M.I.A. on the SK instagram account. Here is a first episode of the Best of IG for SK, this episode has some of bedpan doing the same tricks he has been doing for a decade and getting close to a few new ones but never landing them,typical! Meet some of the other kiddies Taurean,Mikey Albert, and Maui Miles as they terrorize the streets of Honolulu. Hit some windward side parks and end it with a wig splitting backflip by Dusty O. the Big Isle SK lunatic representative! In the next episode we will pop in with Tom Slick and friends down at Aala Park street plaza! Until then stay shitty my friends! @shitty_kids

Roasted Like Ever visits Bedpan & friends..Hawaii part 2

San Jose local Mike Salsberg, aka RoastedLikeEver, recently came out to Hawaii recovering from a collar bone breaking fall while filming a fellow Frumunda Co. pro doing a death defying heroic skateboard move. Here is part 2 of his trip to Hawaii where he swims with sharks and rolls through the lava crusted ditches with Cyprus Blanco and Bedpan,hits the Honolulu streets, then follows a pack of dolphins over to the DLX HI ramp on the windward side where we get some coping dancing from Chuck, and Tom Slick the mayor of Aala park leaves us with some life learned lessons! Thanks for the edit Mike!

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